Mar 17, 2017

House Update

I have been a horrible blogger lately...I don't know if that will change anytime soon.  I feel like Instagram is way more my thing and I find it really easy to update on a daily basis- so if you are wanting to follow my house progress and everything else home-related my instagram is @thehillsarelivin  and @jesshills for my lifestyle stuff.

I will probably update the blog a couple times a month still, especially if I need to post any tutorials on house stuff, cooking, etc...

Here is a quick house update though...

We are doing our final walk-through today!  I am so excited and I am hoping the cabinets will be done..there were lots of mix-ups with the cabinets and so they have been left undone waiting for completion for over a month now.  I will go into more detail about those later if I need to..

The last 2 1/2 months have brought a ton of change!


Picked out the marble backsplash at Floor and Decor

Got a roof

Got a pretty front door :)  We upgraded to add windows.

 Got a porch! Something I have always wanted!

 Started working on the outside

Started insulation

Tile came!!

Drywall got started

LOVE the tiles I picked :)

Shower cutouts- these were expensive :(

Drywall done!


We have stucco!

Such a nice big garage!! :)


 Texture and floors!  We did a smooth wall texture and a Luxury Vinyl Plank floor

 Love my porch so much!

Faux marble for the master bath floor

 Octagon tile for the kids bath and laundry room! :)

Hardy board installed!

Kitchen cabinets!

Love the marble with the gray cabinet!

 The floors are such a great color.  Light and warm to offset all the grays in my house.

 Love the glass cabinets!

The fireplace columns turned out amazing!

Look at all that space in the kitchen!

 White glossy shower and bath

Pantry- the carpenters did a great job in the house!

Mantel Magic in Murray, UT in case you were wondering who did the fireplace mantel.

 Got our kitchen table made this month!  Here is who I went with to make it.

Mudroom bench

Master closet

Boys closet


Waiting for the snow to melt to get a driveway

Fireplace painted!

House painted!

Love my entry way, however, we will be switching out that light.

These lights are all over in the house- love them so much more than boob lights! ;)

More lighting up and bath hardware

Hardy painted!  Outside lights up!

That hardware is my fave!!  Love the counter-tops too.

Master vanity

 Dining chandelier!

Vent hood!


Mudroom lights

Tile almost done

Chrome doorknobs

Marble back-splash up!

We will be adding a sealer to this back-splash since it is real marble.

Love my cute farmhouse lights!

More has been done since I took these, but I will do a blog post with all of that soon! :)  Wish us luck on the move next week :)

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